Honduras Well Projects - On Site

It is our first goal to provide AVI with equipment (that will belong to them) to continue well drilling. We will initially start with raising funds for all that is needed to start up one drill team. God willing, we will then go on to raising the funds needed to implement a second (and final) drill team.

Reoccurring donors, are then needed to allow us to save for equipment repairs and replacement as needed in the future and very limited operation costs (postage, marketing materials, website, etc.).

It is our priority to remain fully transparent with all targets and spending as we recognize many people want to help, but they also need to know they can trust the organization to spend each penny wisely.

Once we have a drill team equipped and operable, we will send Teams to assist the AVI staff and local people to drill the well. They will share love and ministry with the community as well as teach basic sanitation lessons to the children. (And have a whole lot of fun doing it!)

Honduras Well Projects - Group Photo
Honduras Well Projects - On Site

But remember, this is more than a humanitarian effort. We operate with the desire to demonstrate the love Jesus has for us all. We keep Him at the center of all decisions and actions. We hope that will be the driving factor for trip participants. Experiencing a week spent solely serving others will undoubtedly open your eyes to a new way of loving people right where they are. If you’ve been on a trip like this – you understand. If this will be your first trip – we can’t wait for you to experience it! Bringing the kingdom of God to earth is a beautiful mission to be a part of.

How You Can Help

With your help, we can provide both the physical water and the knowledge of God’s love to people who desperately need it.

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