Honduras Well Projects - On Site

The water crisis in Honduras is worse than it has ever been.  Rivers have been drying up.  Back-to-back hurricanes have washed away the piping from the rivers which brought water to many villages without wells.

The people need their hope restored.

  • With clean water they are given better health and with better health the children can stay in school and adults can attend work.
  • Access to clean water decreases the time spent walking to rivers or hand dug wells, which means more time for education and income producing.
  • Because the task of gathering water primarily falls on the young girls, it also limits the risk of attack they face when walking darkened paths early in the mornings.
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It all starts with water – with Jesus at the center of it all.

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Our goal is to share the needs of our Honduran friends who need lifesaving clean water and to be physically shown the love of God.

By your response to these calls for help, we can provide funds to our Honduran partner, O.R.Agua Viva Internacional to drill new water wells and restore older existing wells back to working order

Another important aspect of the water projects is sharing with the children how to care for themselves physically by learning what germs are and how to slow the spread.  They will learn a home remedy for diarrhea, dental care and how to keep the new well water clean.

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But most importantly, through the lessons, kids will discover the God who created everything wants a relationship with them.

Throughout the week, the entire community will learn it’s not just about the water…

This is more than a humanitarian effort.  We operate with the desire to demonstrate the love Jesus has for all of us.

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This is shown through acts of serving, words of encouragement, listening and simply spending time together.  We are all “first world” to Him.

You. Us. Together. One well at a time.

How You Can Help

With your help, we can provide both the physical water and the knowledge of God’s love to people who desperately need it.