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Group photo of Volunteers & Locals in Honduras

We are amazed God has asked us to carry on this ministry. We all agree it is the most exciting, yet terrifying thing we have ever been a part of! We are simply everyday people, friends, Christians, with a passion for clean water and a heart for our Honduran brothers and sisters.

We look forward to partnering with you and continuing to provide access to clean water to the thirsty communities of northern Honduras. With your help we can provide both the physical water and the knowledge of God’s love to people who desperately need it.

Drill Team Cost

The Following Cost is Per Drilling Team. (The goal is to have two teams.)

Direct Costs

Item Cost
Drill rig* (PRIORITY) $90,000 (4 month lead time)
50 pumps w/labels* (PRIORITY) $21,500 (6 month lead time)
600 cfm Compressor* $30,000
Vehicle for Community Engagement Director** $25,000
7 ton flatbed truck** $35,000
21 Seat Bus** $40,000
Tools** $11,000
50 water testing kits $7,500
Total Direct Cost $260,000

In-Direct Costs

Item Cost
Start-up legal expenses $2,500
Marketing materials $10,500
Travel fees for HWP during year one*** $15,000
Total In-Direct Cost $28,000

* Purchased and shipped to Honduras. Drill rig & compressor irrevocably owned and maintained by AVI.
** Funds will be transferred to AVI for in-country purchase of these items. Equipment irrevocably owned and maintained by AVI.
*** If possible

Trip Participant

$700 plus flight, travel insurance and hotel stay in Houston if required

Note: Trip Participant Fee will be finalized once we have a drill rig on the ground in-country. Stay tuned!

Ongoing Support

To be determined, but will include needs such as repairs to equipment, savings for replacement of equipment, office supplies and marketing